What I Do


Product Integration, Pricing, Shipping, Policy Setup, Cart Configuration, Payment Setup

Graphic Design

Logos, Letterheads, Packaging, Merchandise, Album Covers, Vector Art, Color Schemes


Domain Services, Hosting, Backend Configuration, User Auth, Databases, APIs, Application Optimization

Social Media

Content Scheduling, Hashtag Optimization, Advertisement Setup, Promotional Content, Collaborations


Email, Financial Tracking, File Transfer, File Manipulation, Web Scraping, Data Acquisition & Manipulation


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, CI/CD, Docker Containers, Kubernetes Clustering, Messaging, Deployment

Latest Works

Moorhead Off-Road Engineering

Built and powered by Shopify, this site brought MORE sales online and out of Facebook Messenger.

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Shady Print Co.

Family owned and operated by a sibling duo of graphic designers, this site serves as a display of design talents while offering their following a way to support them.

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Leclear Jewelry

Locally owned and family operated since before the internet even existed, this modest site is the MVP and first step to building their online presence.

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Back 40 Customs

Back 40 Customs is a new local company in Tupelo, MS. This site works to showcase their custom woodwork and epoxy resin art.

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About Me

I earned my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 after working full-time and going to school full-time for 5 years. Then I proceeded to use all the extra time I had to teach myself something completely new. I went from learning how to play guitar and piano to learning how to make music with software, then on to learning how to make the software itself.

From there, I got into full-stack web development and software development, and now, I'm an experienced full-stack web developer. I continue working as a freelancer helping small businesses start and build their online presence.

Nerding out in front of my computer is not all I do though. I am also a proud husband and father to the best family ever. I also really enjoy winding down by playing a few rounds of COD: MW (IYKYK). :) Also, just in case you were wondering, I am not superstitious. I am a little stitious... :D.

Drop a Line

If you have an idea or simply need help or advice, reach out to me via any of the below platforms. Let me know something! :)